The Measure of Meaning Within



Entry #9 (Findings from Research Level 8)

Research Results:

An uncle of mine swears by eating Ketchup Potato Chips when having a migraine attack. Surprisingly, this seemed to have worked the two times that I tried it. A user online claims that sleeping facing upwards lying on his back with no pillow is the remedy for avoiding migraines. Many sufferers say that they have neck pains relating to their migraines. (myself included) There may be a connection there whereas some users are actively using chiropractors as a treatment option. I wanted to get an extended list of any and everything people are doing worldwide for migraine remedies and these are the findings: dark room, cold therapy, diet changes, Magnesium, massage therapy, Riboflavin (vitamin B2), acupuncture, detoxifying bath, chiropractor, vitamin B12, coenzymeQ12, essential oil, biofeedback, heat therapy, exercise, Feverfew, new glasses, eye surgery, colour therapy, fish oil, herbs, homeopathy, meditation, hypnosis, peppermint tea, Reiki, physical therapy (physio), Reflexology, vitamins, relaxation, sleep, oxygen (CPAP) and breathing techniques. Many users avoid certain medications due to elevated costs, bad taste or bad side effects. Some of these side affects that have been reported are: hair loss, heart issues, puffy eyelids, weight gain, rashes, problems with blood pressure, drowsiness, rebound headaches, dry mouth, sensory consequences, numbness, diarrhea, suicidal thoughts, constipation, neck pain, depression, allergic reactions, food cravings, mood changes, nausea, stomach aches and vertigo. The worst side effect that I experienced was numbness. I was driving with an ex-grifriend on the highway westbound when all of a sudden I couldn't feel my legs and feet. Thankfully I didnt panic and we took the next exit safely and stopped. We waited for normalcy to return before continuing. I've also experienced hallucinations once when I was about 8 years old. The feeling was like if the room I was in was turning into a long endless hallway and what your head would feel like if it were being pulled down that hallway. The 2011 film "Limitless" directed by Neil Burger has a scene where one street is turning into another street in a continuing fashion. That's the closest thing on film that I've seen that could be a close representation of my experience.

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