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Entry #8 (Findings from Research Level 7)

Research Results:

On my most recent visit to my new doctor (who will remain anonymous on here) in the Ottawa area stated that she would not be able to help me without conducive results of thorough migraine monitoring for at least a duration of 3 months. Her plan is to analyze certain trends from an accurate monitoring source and tracking. I know her approach is sound and makes sense because in the past I was not able to keep up with the monitoring of my migraines. I'd start but never finish and end up just going through my experience as it was happening in real time. After leaving the office of what seemed like a rushed visit, she prescribed me with RATIO-TECNAL which contains a mixture of C1/2 50&330&40, Butalbital, ASA, Caffeine and Codeine. Out of the four ingredients of this medication the ASA (pain relief, fever reducer and anti-inflammatory) and the Butalbital (a relaxant) seem like a good direction. This drug is typically used to treat tension type migraines which is exactly what I suffer from. I am trying these out when pain presents itself and so this abortive diagnosis will be used after a migraine is present. Apparently it's a more dated slightly vintage treatment. The side effects that I've observed are chest tightness, airy sensations and 5lbs of weight loss. The maximum capacity is 6 tablets per day. I am taking this product as needed in conjunction with vitamins and minerals like Riboflavin (vitamin B2), Magnesium tablets, B complex tablets and vitamin D3. I've also found the new version of the discontinued product that I mentioned in Entry #3 Findings from Research Level 2. It now carries the name: "DEEP RELIEF Soothing Ice Cold Patch" (from the makers of Deep Cold). The product aims to reduce inflammation and offer relief to the areas that the patch is applied. It's designed more so for sports injuries but has the same aroma that I recall from the past. Each box comes in a pack of 6 large patches which I've cut in half so one pack becomes relief from 12 migraines. The product is roughly $12.99 and can be found at your local Shoppers Drug Mart, Rexall or Jean Coutu.

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