The Measure of Meaning Within



Entry #7 (Findings from Research Level 6)

Research Results:

Some users from around the world are doing blue-green-algae treatments to help remove the Bezenes at the receptor sites in the brain. This is like using a bacteria for your own health advantages or so they claim. Others are giving themselves more oxygen through CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) treatment tanks. I was scheduled to have this CPAP therapy alternative done as a trial but missed my trial date. A user online states that when undergoing a migraine attack, one should only consume: apple sauce, mashed potatoes, crackers, soup and ginger ale until the system resets itself. I came across a visitor at work in a building one day and he said that he also suffers from chronic migraines. His cure is peppermint essential oils that he rubs directly on the back on his neck. I was gifted my own bottle of eucalyptus essential oils by a lovely soul named Christiane. It is advised that a migraine sufferer should test their blood sugar levels to see if caffeine or sweets are triggers for them. One user claims that not holding out too long before taking medication is vital for preventing an attack. She says that she also does not consume deli products or sandwiched foods. A long time migraine sufferer claims that petasites like Butterbur help a lot with pain management. Often and frequently, I come across the findings that sleeping disorders (sleep apnea) are related to migraine headaches. It is suggested to declare a healthy sleep regimen. This can include bedtime rituals, details surrounding sleeping conditions such as lights, pillows, positions. One user also says no phone screens up to 1 hour before sleeping. Lastly, keeping a calm mind by updating your notes, not leaving things until the next day and no late nights.

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