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Entry #6 (Findings from Research Level 5)

Research Results:

A lot of my research is tied to symptoms for pain relief and how to live a better life with migraines. Experts say that migraines at core are not curable since they are a genetic disorder. In my case, it's also hereditary as my mother, uncles and aunts also suffer from migraines in different or similar ways. What works for some may not work for all as everyone's bodies are unique. A user online suggested going on a water fast and strictly consuming water for 7 days straight to reset your system with the goal of increasing cerebral blood flow to help reduce migraines. There are many different kinds of migraines as well. Tension headaches, Cluster headaches, Vascular headaches, Condition-related headaches. At the core, a migraine is an intensified headache. Some have pain behind their eyes, some behind the head, it's all very particular and interchanging. My migraines are always at the front of my head and take over the entire part of my forehead with consistent pulsating pain and the really bad ones bring an excruciating pounding sensation. The feeling is as if someone were to be bashing a bowling ball on your head in very short repetitive intervals with added pulsating temple veins. I tend to monitor and rate my migraines on a scale of 1 to 10 in terms of level of pain. 1 to 4 is quite minimal and I can go through day to day activities with slight obstructions ||| 5 to 7 are attention demanding, my senses become hypersensitive and I usually will seek some form of pain relief ||| 8 to 9's are really painful and have all kinds of associated obstructions including fever, pounding pain, sensitivity to light and sound, discomfort in the eyes, neck and jaw pain, unbearable forehead pain and I'm usually departing from anywhere outdoors to seek a dark resting zone ||| 10/10 is the supreme pain. I'm tempted to go to the hospital and am usually constantly holding my forehead with an ice pack or cold cloth. If I;m out anywhere with one of these, I usually barely make it home. (Especially if I still need to have any kind of movement like walking or driving) It's unfortunate that these ones bring about vomiting and nausea; sometimes just once and other times over five to ten times.

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