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Entry #1 (Introduction-Introduction)

Derik Julien.

I was born in Toronto, Canada at North York General Hospital. At the age of three years old I was diagnosed with chronic migraines. If you've ever had one; you know how painful they can be. From that age all the way up until I was 18 years old, I was frequently admitted to care at the Hospital for Sick Children located downtown Toronto. After seeing many neurologists and undergoing all kinds of testing including cat (CT) scans, MRI's, x-rays and other methods of assessment... a yield of no results. The family doctor(s) would look at my file and ask me: "What next? you've tried every family of drugs that there are, including the different forms available that they come in." (tablets, capsules, nasal alternatives, easy melts, suppositories etc.) They resulted in finally sending me to see one of Canada's top migraine specialists at a hospital in Scarborough, Ontario. After that particular visit, all that was conclusively suggested as a cure was BOTOX injections in the brain. The goal would be to essentially immobilize and numb the brain's pain signals. (of course there are more technical terms to describe this process.) I refused the suggestion on account of the risk of side effects. While leaving the office, the migraine specialist gave me a few "samples" to try the next time that I have a big migraine and I was on my way. A few days later, I tried one of the samples and the small microscopic pill resulted in giving me an impromptu angina attack. (mini heart attack) It turns out that the consumption level for that specific pill was 1/4 of one full pill as a daily maximum. I didn't pursue legal ramifications but as time went on my daily struggle continued. I decided to take things into my own hands and seek out a new doctor after previous ones told me that I was a "lost cause". In 2017, I started doing my own research on migraines involving in-life conversations, internet articles, medical findings etc. This brings me to the new section on my website called Healing Plethera. A location dedicated to migraines and documenting a variety of aspects about my journey towards liberation. Having suffered for over 23 years and counting; it's time to take strong proactive steps. Now at the age of 26, remedial ways are bound to be in reach within this technologically advanced world of shared ideas and thoughts towards lowering pain levels and frequencies. Thank you kindly for reading and joining me here. 

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