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Entry #24 (Findings from Research Level 23)

Research Results:

Alas we are nearing the conclusive section of my research. This entry will be a long list of the foods that I can eat and the ones that I have to avoid going forward. We'll start with the No's:  cheese, mushrooms, apples, pears, kiwi, grapefruit, cherries, soda pop, fast food restaurants, coffee, olives, grapes, plums, raspberries, lemon, lime, brown rice, high density chocolate, oranges, yogurt, fruit juice, tomatoes, pineapple, peaches, margerine, bell peppers, peanuts, banana, hot dogs, bacon, ketchup, pepperoni, deli meats, soya sauce, cinnamon spice, breaded fish, curry powder, icing, flavoured syrup (aunt jemina), jajita seasoning, olestra chips, cereal bars, commercial candies, pork, cream corn, alcohol (beer, wine, whiskey etc.), onions, beets, teriyaki sauce, beans, yeast-filled bread, skim milk, 1% milk, 2% milk. Now for the Yes's: cauliflower, grandilla, spinach, mangoes, butter, watermelon, celery, yeast-free bread, cabbage, broccoli, seaweed, lettuce, potatoes (sweet, twice-baked, mashed), asparagus, quinoa, coconut water, flaxseed, gluten-free pancake and waffle mix, carrots, vector cereal, avocado, cantaloupe, brussels sprouts, cucumbers, organic brown eggs (scrambled), Himalayan salt, fresh rainbow trout, fresh extra lean grass-fed ground beef, chia seeds, fresh chicken, organic gravy, dark chocolate and mint, organic brown pasta, chickpeas, parsley, oregano, rosemary, silk coconut milk, silk almond milk, real maple syrup, mini kinder chocolate bars, organic blueberries, kale, collard greens, silk cashew milk. The list is relatively accurate and the deviations will be extracted if I target them as a trigger moving forward. On a few occasions per year, I will have (what they call cheat days) but very rarely. The exceptions will be: Chinese new year's celebrations at Fo Guang Shan Buddhist temple in Mississauga every February, Cocelli's pizza in Brampton twice per year and a few more celebratory exceptions. Apart from that I plan to stick to my new health regimen vigorously and happily. In terms of hydration. I only drink double-filtered water through my Brita-made water bottle.

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