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Entry #26 (Conclusion-Conclusion)

Derik Julien.

I reside outside of Ottawa, Canada and am now concluding my year-long Healing Plethera migraine research file. Therein this conclusion, you'll see my final thoughts on the journey and my plans for what I plan to do going forward. Things begin when you measure your quality of life. Are you limited or on disability due to your migraines- Are you still able to do all or some of the things that you enjoy- Do you feel a certain livelihood, like a transformation is taking place- I feel like a breakthrough is right around the corner and all it will take is patience for the body to adapt, selective vitamins/ minerals and a discipline to steer away from unhealthy or restricted foods. In terms of vitamins and minerals, I will be taking these 7 daily: Magnesium (250mg), B2 Riboflavin (100mg), D3 (25mcg), CoenzymeQ10 (100mg), 5-HTP (100mg), Probiotics (2 billion colony forming units per capsule), B-Complex (50mg's of B1,B2,B3,B5,B12, Biotin, Choline, Inositol and 400mg of Folate). In terms of an abortive, I will be taking the Ratio-Tecnal with a goal of once per week to start. (this would result in having a migraine of 7/8/9/10 out of 10 caliber). As much as I can help it, I won't let my migraines keep me from living life. Working hard towards professional goals and personal goals. I have to do what I enjoy each day. Whether that's listening to an album on my way to work, exploring the city after work, watching a film on a day off, cooking a new healthy batch of food, writing for my novel, reading for my spiritual studies, going to the gym or doing a Capoeira class... we have to keep pushing forward. In terms of currency, I am continuing to apply mindfulness to my walking, breathing, posture and surroundings. I'm practicing more evasion towards strong sounds or scents that could be triggers. I changed my smartphone to have the brightness at 0 and the settings to be on nightmode all the time with the colour temperature at warm. I'll buying some peppermint oil in two days time to begin applying at night. My showers are hydrotherapy-based. I'm buying a travelling neck pillow for driving and sleep trials; as well as looking for a sleep mask. When I have a migraine, I'm overseeing and continuing the data input in my HeadApp (pro version) on my smartphone. 

To cope with the pain in terms of the immediate tools at my disposal are tiger balm, deep relief soothing ice cold custom head patches, eating well, exercising well, sleeping well, keeping a clear mind, limiting stressors and lists of things to do. For the 2018 turning period, I'll be completing my vehicle migraine kit, ordering the IceKap migraine hat, acquiring a custom migraine bracelet from garden of crystals infused with healing properties, the energy of the moon and given intention by a wiccan practitioner. I plan to order the Somnilight migraine glasses for home trials, I'll be getting new anti-glare prescription glasses for trials and will select a pair that has minimal tension on the upper nose or side of head, I'll be altering the butter that I buy and melting it down, adding concentrated magnesium extract to it and then putting it back in the fridge to become hard again, I'll be trying out strawberry herbal tea as suggested by Erykah Badu and trying out Happy Kombucha tea from David's tea which contains (sunflower pedals, oolong, mangoes and powdered Kombucha) as suggested by a coworker. I'll be going to Fuji Herbs in Toronto and than will make three appointments in Montreal with the renown osteopath. Lastly, I will try the scalp massage, reflexology again, the colour therapy glasses and implement a few tea cerimonies althewhile accuratly getting more accustomed to the world of healthy eating and healing. Acupuncture will be the last thing that I attempt and I will be ordering the 2018 world migraine summit in april. Having migraines is an all consuming job where every decision can lead to paramount pains. All hours of the night, missing work, leaving work early etc. It requires extra care, enhanced self-awareness and a real quality of endurance. It's a path into darkness because darkness is one of the cures. A real migraine sufferer won't have many friends because over the course of time, he or she will have had to retreat to recover and deal with the pain. If you know anyone that suffers from migraine headaches, show them Healing Plethera and maybe we can all heal together.

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