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Entry #23 (Findings from Research Level 22)

Research Results:

There are many reasons for migraineurs to change their diet. One, it allows for better neurological function. Two, you'll have better energy levels and bodily functions (responsiveness) throughout the day. Three and the list continues onwards... I decided to take the holistic lifestyle approach. Part in conjunction with a healthier life choice, part in conjunction with a migraine elimination diet to avoid highly acidic foods and ingredients. My intro into the holistic world has been a tough one. Full of adaptation like when VHS films became DVD films or any relative example. What made this transition hard was that my diet before consisted of a lot of cheese from homemade macaroni meals to pizza etc. Stomach issues mean that nutrients won't be absorbed in the stomach chain. The leaky gut phenomena allows particles to leak which causes chronic inflammation. All the preservatives are bad for our bodies and cause blockages. It's not good to overeat as well. Having metabolic flexibility means consuming no processed foods that lead to blockages so that the body can access certain fat reserves. Your body will be able to make an easier switch between carbohydrates and fat. This will also result in needing to eat less. High levels of caffeine are not good so soda, energy drinks, coffee are all out of the question. No Monosodium glutamate, no cheese etc. I will talk more about the food restrictions in my conclusion. The holistic world and lifestyle change here is addressing the root cause rather than just suppression. It's an avenue I've yet to explore and so there's an accompanying excitement. Through this evolving shift, I will be learning new recipes that are wholesome, organic, gluten-free, vegetarian-based and vegan based. There's an increased water intake that comes along with this lifestyle change as well that works towards progress over time. A coworker states that she has a homemade migraine soup recipe with healthy and non restricted ingredients that I will try in the near. One active neurologist that suffers from migraines went from 62 pills per year to 1 pill per year by changing the way he eats. He eliminated his acid reflux and found a renewed appreciation for food. He changed how he spent his time and has a deeper connection to the world around him now.

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