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Entry #21 (Findings from Research Level 20)

Research Results:

Doctors are often outdated by sometimes up to 20 years of research. This is due to the fact that they will almost always just coordinate a referral to a neurologist or a migraine specialist. This can be frustrating for a migraineur. It's like being on the phone with an insurance company; nobody likes to be on hold and then transferred and then transferred again and again and then just maybe one more time. It's also like going to 5 different grocery stores instead of your one stop shop (with delays to add.) The other issue is that in an overly repetitive fashion, doctors are always rushing through visits. The average face-to-face patient and doctor time is 7 minutes. This is ridiculous considering that these are pressing issues that affect almost every hour of a migraineur's life. Users online claim that they are always stigmatized. Since migraine pain is not visual like a sports injury, others are easy to be dismissive. However, some have never even had a migraine before so it's hard for them to have any empathy. Doctors like to stick to areas of measure like fevers where an instrument can showcase quantifiable results. Migraines are seen as a real grey zone. The media also plays a part in this stigmatization as they misclassify the pain calling migraines just headaches. Chronic pain is not discussed often in the mainstream. The government doesn't invest enough into migraines for scientific research. They invest around one million dollars per year which is not a lot in the pharmaceutical world where a new drug costs one billion dollars to make and undergo tests. The silver lining is that perhaps there are some doctors that will be more invested than others and really work at helping the lives of migraineurs worldwide. Every year in the month of april, there is an event called the migraine world summit. For about $150.00, you can have access to 36 live conference videos from the event where some of the world's most qualified individuals in the medical community speak. There may be a well of information here for all migraine sufferers. I am going to personally purchase the 2017 migraine world summit in january to be prepared and caught up before the 2018 migraine world summit takes place next april. This is the link if you would also like to partake:

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