The Measure of Meaning Within




by Dex

The expression of working towards something with undivided focus is whats before you. The labors of a year and a half assembled to assimilate in a special edition double album. What makes this project special are three things. The first, there is a special album cover made for the release. The second, there are four bonus songs at the end of the second album. Lastly, as a final offering to the world of music; all components for a dex album are present. The threshold of significance has been honoured here in central themes. Music samples, good writing, ethos of darkness, poetic prose, non-structure, spoken word vocals, acapellas, experimental sounds, contrarian qualities, developed storylines, fluxuating energy, tonal vibrations, purposeful guest appearances, affinity for spirituality, glitches and edits, creative song titles, cohesive artwork and of course the embodiment of a new experience with decade-long resonance. 

For Bulletin Board credits via (Digital Booklet) and Download of the release follow this link: